We create sustainable t-shirts from waste plastic bottles

Our journey to clean-up 1 million waste plastic bottles by 2021

What We Do

We not only want to make t-shirts from waste plastics, but also use this opportunity to champion the cause and create a culture for upcycling plastics.

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Every Waymore t-shirt is made from 10 recycled plastic bottles. Our t-shirts use premium high quality fabrics made from recycled plastic polyester fibres. Our fabric is fused with small quantities of recycled cotton to make the t-shirts soft, breathable and ready for summer as well.


Waymore has collaborated with global organisations from over 13 countries to make sustainable t-shirts for their teams

The t-shirts are of the highest quality and sustainable, but they are also comfortable like no other. We were able to customise our t-shirts to our exact liking and I can safely recommend Waymore to anyone interested. Going green does not mean compromising on comfort or style.

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Hamsika President, Development Goals Forum and United Nations students Norway

By producing t-shirts from collected bottles, every shirt tells a story and helps customers to know they're having a strong contribution. Waymore promotes sustainable behaviour in fashion consumption.

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Oliver Lange Head - Retail Innovation Labs, H&M Germany

We had the opportunity to collab with Waymore to make our event t-shirts. Not only were they really high quality but to know that our t-shirts helped remove and recycle 500 waste plastic bottles is very fulfilling.

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Prashanth Head, Facebook Developer Circles

Everyone in my team was very happy with these when the t-shirts arrived. It's surprising how good the quality is for fabric made from recycled plastic. Waymore ftw ♥

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Jonathan Kings Co-founder, Farm EZ Scotland

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What do we do

We offer sustainable t-shirts for brands, corporates, events, bulk buyers, wholesalers etc., let us know with your spec and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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